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Custody Suite

"Thanks for helping me to get bail. This made me realise I've got to fix up"

This project works with young adults – 18-25 year olds – who have been arrested in gang hotspots and may be associated with gang members. 

We are notified by the Gangs’ Team when a potential client is arrested.  Our worker then visits the client in the custody suite. We introduce ourselves and the service that we offer. The moment of arrest is a key moment when a client may consider making changes in their life and accepting help. If a client chooses to work with us, we obtain their consent to share their information with any organisations that can support them.

We carry out an assessment of their needs and typically seek to sign-post and support around the following issues:

  • Planning an exit from gang life, this includes the clients’ personal safety
  • Mental health issues including trauma recovery
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Training

Once this assessment is completed, we put together a package of support including our services and those that external agencies can provide.  We co-ordinate the support given to the client when they are released from custody. We also follow-up and monitor how the client is getting on with the services. So long as client is willing to engage, we are here to ensure they can access all the services our partner organisations are willing to provide.

In conjunction with the above, we also provide an advocacy service for our client. This includes, not only helping the court in the rehabilitation process, but also being a character witness for our clients and appearing in court on their behalf.

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