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About Us

Spark2Life is an initiative coming straight out of the heart of the urban youth culture. Spark2Life is an acronym for: Sharing Positive and Relevant Keys to Life, and is pioneered by Dez Brown a Youth Worker in East London. At the age of 17, Dez Brown’s life inalterably changed direction when he unintentionally ended the life of a stranger in a busy London park. Dez dived headlong into a downward spiral that was certain to lead to prison and a life in ruins. Spark2Life work with disaffected young people in prison, transitioning out of prison & within the community. Our aim is to eradicate crime and gang culture and give opportunity to those transitioning out of a lifestyle of crime encouraging a positive social and behavioural life style

S2L – Vision Statement…

The Vision of Spark2Life is to REACH, RELATE and EQUIP young people and young adults to make positive informed life choices. Based in East London: Our focus is local, our direction is global.


“In this lesson I learnt not to get involved in other peoples fights because I can get hurt”
- Student
“I am much more connected with my conscience and it has given me a different view of life”
- Student
“I’ve found working for Spark2life extremely well, its helping me in life & keeping me busy, I enjoy the work. I would recommend it to others. The best thing about working for Spark2life has been meeting Steve and he’s colleagues as I am a very sociable person and I like the hospitality”
- Ex Offender - Working under our Painting & Decorating initiative

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